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Speaker Engagements

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If so, get in touch! The Future For Now team love to talk about AI and the future. We offer a range of speaker events and interactive sessions, as well as tailoring speaker events to your needs. 

AI specialist

Some of our clients favourite sessions:

  • How AI is Shaping Our Future:
    In this session we highlight how AI has already become ubiquitous in our everyday life. We dive into five key ways it is shaping our future, as well as getting the crowd on some tools in interactive 'playground'.


  • From the Attention Economy to the Intimacy Economy:
    In this session we examine the shift currently underway in big tech companies, and how they are designing AI products to build intimacy with their users. We explore concepts such as digital likeness and the impact on our society, as well as the risks of misinformation, misrepresentation and the degradation of truth.

Our team in action

Purpose Conference AI Guest Speaker
Lee Schofield AI Specialist
Purpose Conference Logo

The Disinformation Age Purpose Conference, November 2023

Photo Credit: Elin Bandmann

AI Panel - Simone Blakers AI Specialist - Microsoft, Facebook, Meta
AI Panel - Simone Blakers AI Specialist
ADMA AI Training Course Guest Speaker Facilitator

Generative AI: Facts & Noise 
Panel with Deloitte, Microsoft, Meta and Future For Now

September 2023

Tech for social justice photo.jpeg
technology for social justic.jpeg

Effective and Ethical Use of AI in the NFP Sector

Panel with CSIRO's Data 61, Good Things Foundation Australia, Justice Connect, Future For Now, hosted by Infoxchange.

May 2024

Featured on:

Humans of Purpose

Lee Schofield with Mike Davis 

Discussing the Future of AI.

Podcast, November 2023

Everybody Hates Your Brand

Simone Blakers talking AI and its impact on marketing

Podcast, May 2024

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