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Explore useful videos, articles, and links to help navigate the future of work. 

Facial Recognition


From the Future For Now team:

Useful websites

AI Tools

FutureTools collects and organises AI Tools by type, helping you sort through the tidal wave of AI tools. Translation, speech to text, image generation, you name it!

Prompt Engineering

Prompting Guide provides a great overview of how to approach prompt engineering. It explore techniques such as zero-shot prompts, few-shot prompts, CoT and ToT prompts.

Global AI Regulatory tracker

Regulations around AI are hard to keep up with. Sydney-based lawyer Raymond Sun has put together a useful tracker to get across the regulatory updates, as they happen.

Books on AI

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During our AI journey at Future For Now, we have come across plenty of great books. Check out our blog post on the 7 Books to start of you on your own AI journey: 

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