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Education is the cornerstone of
Future For Now. We zoom in by providing leaders and teams with an in-depth understanding of Artificial Intelligence through our Foundations Training workshop. We also zoom out to reveal the interconnected patterns between AI, automation technologies, and their impact on organisations in our Leadership Strategy workshop. Our expertise enables us to assist organisations in applying these technologies effectively, aligning them with their vision and organisational capabilities.

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AI Foundations Training

Our AI Foundations Training empowers your team with a comprehensive understanding of AI. This AI literacy program delivers the knowledge needed to navigate the evolving AI landscape, enabling participants to identify both the risks and opportunities associated with AI adoption. It is delivered through a 3-hour face-to-face session in your office or online.


Leadership Workshop

A guided workshop in which leaders and business decision makers complete a strategy canvas that assesses the impact of AI on their value chain. This session empowers leaders to consider the people, processes and policies that are required, landing on a strategic roadmap. In this session, we will cover business risks, legal exposure, privacy and security, ethics, workforce changes and change management.


Playground Sessions

Our Playground sessions are fun, hands-on workshops designed to empower your team. These interactive sessions focus on the practical implementation of AI and automation against use cases that relate to your organisation's workflows and priorities. They can be run in person or online.

Our Clients

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What our clients say:

"Our journey with Future for Now has been a game-changer for JOC Consulting through empowering our team with AI tools. Future for Now's educational programs demystified generative AI technology, enhancing our capacity to innovate and streamline workflows. With Lee's strategic guidance, we've integrated AI in a way that's completely bespoke to how we work, allowing our team more time and space to delve into create thinking and problem solving. We're excited for the continued evolution of this partnership with Future for Now. Thank you, Lee and Simone!"

John O'Callaghan, JOC Consulting

"Working with Future For Now was an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Lee & Simone were both knowledgeable and delivered exactly what we required, to an incredibly high standard. Their expertise in the field of AI cannot be overstated. Their final report was well thought out and presented.  Future For Now have assisted in guiding our thinking in this emerging space and I thank them both for their professionalism and work."

Melanie De Gioia, AdaptNSW

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