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2023 was the year AI stole the dictionary!

AI Cartoon -

Cartoon depcting an AI robot claiming the year was all about them, showing each dictionary word of the year being about AI. Female satirically saying "A little more human intelligence this year would have been helpful"
Future For Now AI Cartoon - 2023 Word Of The Year

Artificial Intelligence dominated the 2023 words of the year (see the list below) - reflecting how AI captured the world's attention.

During 2023 the Future For Now team have been proud to help companies move beyond the hype of AI and understand how technologies such as AI, Automation and Low Code solutions can impact their value chain, whilst also upskilling their teams and improving their capabilities.

But we recognise that this year brought a lot of other important social, environmental, humanitarian and global challenges. For us, it’s clear that we also need Human Intelligence more than ever!

Beyond our AI Cartoon, we are looking forward to 2024, and are optimistic about the potential of Artificial Intelligence as a tool to augment Human Intelligence in a responsible and purposeful way.

Give us a shout if you are curious to know more. Otherwise, happy New Year to all our clients, partners and collaborators.


2023 Word of The Year Reference

Below is a list of the 2023 Word of the Year from some major publications and their definitions...

  • Oxford Dictionary:  “Rizz” (short for charisma), with the runner-up being Prompt - "an instruction given to an artificial intelligence program, algorithm etc., which determines or influences the content it generates”.

  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary:  Whilst AI didn't specifically feature words such as “Authentic”, “Deep Fake”, “Dystopian” and “Doppelgänger” showcase the public's fears and experience of Artificial intelligence in action.

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