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Welcome to Future For Now, where the future of work meets the power of now. We're more than just futurists; we're your strategic partners, educators, and guides in the ever-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence, automation, and low code technologies.

At Future For Now, we go beyond the hype and focus on the real world applications of technologies.

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Gartner Hype Cycle - Applied AI Artificial Intelligence
Hype Cycle

Our Mission.

Our mission is two-fold.


Firstly, we provide educational training to up-skill teams, breaking down the complexities of technology to make it simple and accessible.


Secondly, we offer strategic direction to organisations ready to innovate, leveraging these emerging technologies to create new products and transform workflows.

Our approach? It's collaborative, comprehensive, and grounded in real-world applications. At Future For Now, we go beyond the hype, turning AI from an abstract concept into a tangible tool for your competitive advantage. 

Lightbulb Artificial Intelligence

Our Team.

Our team is a dynamic duo of strategy, education, and tech enthusiasts, dedicated to guiding you through the digital transformation journey. With our combined experience and passion, we're here to turn the complexities of AI into your new business strengths.

Lee Schofield, Co-Founder Future For Now (Keynote speaker, (Course Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Consultant))

Lee Schofield


Simone Blakers, Co-Founder Future For Now (Keynote Speaker,Course Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Consultant)

Simone Blakers


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